ICT: Photo Booth

Time: 12 noon to 12.45 pm

Points to Ponder...
1. What is the purpose of Photo Booth?
2. How can we stretch our creativity with Photo Booth?

Step 1: Activate Photo Booth

Step 2: Taking Photos & Videos (Normal)

  • Do you know where the files are saved?
  • Where is the most "convenient" place to save the file?

Step 3: Exploration - the different "Effects"in Photo Booth

Step 4: Recording Video clips with a customised background

Click HERE to view an example how creative we can be when using a customised backdrop.

  1. Take a picture of an object that you like and use it as the backdrop of the video clip.
  2. Record a video clip, no longer than 1 minute, to share why you think speaking good English is important to you/ the community/ Singapore.
Step 5: Posting Video Clip in Youtube
  1. Upload the video clip into Youtube.
  2. Set the privacy of the video clip to "Unlisted".
    • There are 3 options - Private, Unlisted, Public. Do you know why we choose "Unlisted"?
  3. Submit the URL of the video clip to the GoogleForm below.

Click HERE to view the sample clips created by the Technology Ambassadors