Day 1 Activity 2

This is an individual task

The Task (25 min)

1. Create a poster that comes with the following elements:
  • A video clip (created in Activity 1) that you share why you think speaking good English is important to you/ the community/ Singapore
  • A short paragraph to share how you think you can role model speaking good English in class
  • A photo that shows members of the team that you will be working with. Insert their names, as well as the school name somewhere near the photo
  • Since you are going to working in a team, share 2 things that you can do that will help the team to achieve the team goals (when working on the project)
2. Save your digital poster using the name "Activity 2"

3. Share your digital poster:
(a) Copy the link of the clip to the GoogleForm below.
(b) Embed the poster in the blog (as a new blog post)
  • Heading: Activity 2 (Getting ready for Project) by …. (name of participant) from … (name of school) 
  • Add label: Activity 2 

Click HERE to view the consolidated list of work submitted